Would you like to make your own Mala?

They're easier than you think!

We have the supplies to make traditional

malas below. These include:

Silk Cording (Griffin Silk)

Guru Bead


Beads (108)

Tweezers (to help tie your knots between beads)



Why not give a beaded strung mala a try? Much easier with no knot tying, as well as faster to create.

Strung mala supplies include:

Softflex Stringing Wire (I like .014 or fine)

Beads (108)


Guru Bead

Seed Beads (to get that spaced knot look)

Directions for a strung beaded mala:

  • Take a 4.5 foot piece of Softflex Wire

  • I like to start with my tassel in the middle

  • Take both ends and go up through guru bead

  • String 54 gemstone beads on each side, remembering to string a seed bead in between

  • I take my two ends and criss/cross them with each other with a crimp bead in between. Pull string ends removing all slack in string. Once tight, use pliers to flatten crimp bead.

  • Cut excess string

  • (Optional) I like to place a charm/jump-ring where my crimp bead is. It looks nice, and also covers my crimp bead.

How many strands should I buy?

If  you're using 6mm gemstone beads, you need to buy 2x strands of stones to have more than 108 beads.

If you're using 8mm gemstone beads, you need to buy 3x strands of stones to have more than 108 beads.

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