Easy Mala Prayer Necklace! Need a project you can do with the whole family at home?

Updated: Mar 30

A traditional prayer necklace mala isn't all that difficult to create, once you learn the proper way to knot in between each bead, but there's always the chance your knot doesn't tighten snugly up next to your bead, leaving you with a loose, wobbly mala... You can always try to pick at the knot until it loosens up, but then you run the risk of your string getting weak and scratched up.

Why not try a beaded mala? No knotting involved, WIN!

Instead of the arduous process of knotting in between all 108 beads, instead you can use tiny seed beads in between your larger gemstone round beads, achieving a similar look to a knotted mala, but with far less risk involved and in a fraction of the time! What do you need for a beaded mala? Read below:


*Softflex bead stringing cable wire (we like .14 or Fine) 4.5 feet.

*108 beads of your choice. Gemstone round beads in either 6mm or 8mm or Wood beads are the most popular, but you can use anything.

*Tassel (You could use any pendant in lieu of a tassel)

*1x Guru Bead (traditionally done with a special double drilled bead, but any bead with a larger hole will work just fine, see our example of the Buddha head)

*Seed beads (size 11. Size 15 looks nice but be careful, they may fall inside the hole of your gemstone beads)

*Crimp Beads

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  • Take a 4.5 foot piece of Softflex Wire

  • I like to start with my tassel in the middle

  • Take both ends and go up through guru bead

  • String 54 gemstone beads on each side, remembering to string a seed bead in between

  • I take my two ends and criss/cross them with each other with a crimp bead in between. Pull string ends removing all slack in string. Once tight, use pliers to flatten crimp bead.

  • Cut excess string

  • (Optional) I like to place a charm/jump-ring where my crimp bead is. It looks nice, and also covers my crimp bead

And that's it! Pretty simple right? Don't be afraid to get creative with your design either. There's nothing wrong with a mala entirely made out of one color bead, but it's sometimes fun to let your creative side run rampant and see what you can come up with!

Show us what you've come up with! We love seeing our customers amazing creations. Tag us in your Instagram posts so we can give you a like!

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