Toilet Paper Out of Stock? Make Your Own With This DIY!

Are your grocery store TP shelves still looking barren? I know mine are... But hopefully the greedy hoarders stockpiling toilet paper and hand sanitizer haven't gotten to you. And if they have, don't worry, we're going to show you some fun kitschy earrings that you can make at home to show those greedy butts (hehe) that you don't need to pay price gougers on Ebay $9.95/roll anymore! (disclaimer: please do not attempt to clean yourself with these earrings. They are for looking fabulous only)

Tada! Aren't they adorable?

So here's what they might look like when all finished. Consider customizing your earrings in a few different ways:

  • On the next pair, I might make the end of my paper hang down a bit lower off the roll.

  • You could use Silver in lieu of gold findings.

  • Make the chains on each side longer.

  • Next pair I plan to add some pink and green beads mixed within the white, to resemble the floral style toilet paper you sometimes see, yah!

Ready to begin? Let's go!

Supply List:

  • Earwires

  • 2x Jumprings

  • 3 inches of chain (you're going to cut this into 4x equal pieces)

  • 20 gauge wire (to make your coiled roll these beads are wrapped around)

  • 20 gauge wire (the wire going through your roll and attached to your chains)

  • 2.5 grams Delica Seed Beads Size 11 (we've also used Toho Size 15)

  • 4 yards Fireline 6lb Crystal

  • Wax or Thread Conditioner

  • Size #10 or #12 Beading Needle.

  • Assorted tools

We have most of the things you'll need HERE. We even created a kit for those who want the essentials but may already have their own thread, glue, wire etc.

Here come the instructions:

Step 1: Cut a 2 yard length of thread and wax/condition it. Put a stop bead about 5 inches from the end. Begin creating a strip of even count peyote stitch 8 beads wide.

To begin weaving flat, even count peyote, string an even number of beads. To weave eight columns of peyote, string eight beads on the thread. These beads will become the first two rows.

Step 2: String one bead. Skip the last bead. Pass the needle and thread through the next beads.

Step3: String one bead. Skip one bead and pass through the next bead.

Step 4: Continue in the same way until your thread is exiting the end bead in the row.

Step 5: Start the next row by stringing one more bead. Skip over the first bead and pass through the next "up" bead, which was the last bead strung in the previous row.

Step 6: Now get busy till you've reached your desired length!

When you achieve a length of about 2", decide how your end should look. If you just stop your peyote, it will look ragged like Step 4 above. I like to pretend that I'm using the extra cheap brand of toilet paper which never tears nice and clean across, but instead crooked and askew. How do you achieve this look?

Crooked Ending: You just go part way across and turn early, making something like my finished product below:

How to end your Peyote? To end the thread, go into your work and zigzag through a row. This will provide enough friction to hold everything together. You may add knots, but not required. Cut off thread where it emerges.

Step 7: Making your toilet paper's cardboard tube: Tubes are included with our kits, but to make your own you simply need to cut a length of wire, 1 foot per side (this is overkill but you can always trim excess).

We have a nice metal dowel rod which was perfect, but you can use anything similar in thickness. Try disassembling a pen and using the ink cartridge inside.

Start by laying your wire across the dowel.

Make a few revolutions around your dowel as tight as possible with the wraps as close together as possible as well. Don't worry if they aren't tight, it's difficult with your thumb getting in the way. We can cut these ugly sections later.

Now just wrap tightly until you achieve your desired width. You may have to hold your peyote stitch up against your tube to help eye-ball the width. Trim off excess wire and voila! Homemade tubes!

Step 8: Gluing your Peyote to roll. I suggest that you lay your peyote strip on something like a bead shovel. Carefully apply a small dab of cement glue to the TP roll and use tweezers to set it onto the very end of your work. I prop mine so it's laying on an incline as in the photo below. Let dry a few hours.

After drying, roll it up gently and apply another small dot of cement to allow the end to hang.

Voila, done making your toilet paper rolls! Hold on there little fella, don't rush off to your neighbors and start decorating their trees just yet...

Step 9: We need to make our wire wraps that will go through the tube, and connect to our chains. I recommend hitting up YouTube for videos on making a simple wire wrapped loop, but I've included some basic pictures of the steps to help.

Cut 2x pieces of 20 gauge wire into 1.5" lengths (you will trim off extra).

Start by using your Round Nose Pliers and grabbing the very end of your wire. Roll tightly against the tool forward until your end touches the stem.

Your wire should look like the piece on the left below:

Stick your round nose pliers back inside the circle you just made, and counter-bend it until it is nice and centered like the piece on the right above.

Insert your homemade Eyepin into your Toilet Paper Tube and cut off your excess wire, leaving roughly 10mm of wire sticking out. Repeat the steps above grabbing the very end with your round nose pliers, rolling it forwards till it hits the stem, then counter bending till nice and centered up.

**note** Depending on where you grab the wire with your round nose pliers, it will change how large your loop is. Will cutting your excess wire leaving exactly 10mm be the perfect amount like it was for me? Maybe... You may have to trim and readjust till it looks perfect. The more experienced wire-workers will have an easier time with this step. But practice makes perfect, keep at it friends <3

Step 10: Adding your chain and hooks. Home stretch folks. Gently open up the loops on your homemade eyepins, attach one end of your chains on each loop. Link up some jumprings and hooks, DONE!

How do they look lovelies? Are you now officially ready to take on the Pandemic? Ok ok these are just a fun cute way to make light of everything going on right now. I know a lot of people who are having a rough time with the current state of things thanks to Covid-19. People are putting up Christmas lights and decorations to help remind themselves of happier times. It's serious out there folks... Do you have anyone who could use a good laugh to help them through these worrisome times? Consider making them some TP Earrings and I'm sure it'll help brighten some moods!

A big thanks to everyone out there who aren't lucky enough to be on lock down. Our brave doctors and nurses who are risking everything to get us through this nightmare... Our truck drivers out there driving to the limits to make their deliveries. The brave people who HAVE to go into work everyday like our grocery store workers, so those of us in lock down can still have food to eat everyday... I'm sure all these amazing people WISH they could be home in lock down, where it's safe with their loved ones.

Please for the love of God, do your part and stay off the streets. Plan your meals and grocery trips to maximize your time at home so we can keep everyone else safe. Keep up the social distancing so we can get through this as quickly as possible while keeping as many lives safe as we can.

We hope everyone stays healthy, and don't forget to support your local businesses in any way you can think of. Happy beading friends.