Time: 11:00 to 1:00 (please feel free to stick around and continue working on your project!)

Prereq: Class (beginner) - Wire Working.


Do you have some cabochon stones that don't have a hole but you'd like to turn into a pendant? This class is perfect for your next step in your wire-working journey! Let Dan show you some nifty tips on how to creatively finish off your pendants by creating astetically pleasing bails, which are usually the most difficult part of wrapping pendants.

You'll want to have a solid foundation of wire-working experience under your belt before attempting this class. If you feel your wire-working is lacking, take a look at our beginner wire-working class where you'll develope that strong foundation and get familiar with wire.


Class fee is $20 supplies are extra.

4/18/20 Class (advanced) - Wire-Wrapped Pendant 11:00-1