Time: 11:00 to 1:00 (please feel free to stick around and continue working on your project!)

For those who wish they could make their own jewelry but are hesitant for whatever reason, ditch that mindset and take this great intro class! We'll show you what it takes to go from "homemade" jewelry to finishing off your pieces like the professionals do, showing you different ways to crimp off your jewelry, tricks on hiding your crimps with covers, and reducing wear with wire-protectors. We'll also walk you through the different tools we use every day that will make your life so muche easier.


In addition to making a bracelet, you'll also learn to make your first pair of drop-earrings, which will get your feet wet with wire-working and how to suspend your gems from earwires with an easy loop technique.


Class fee $20 supplies extra.

3/6/20 Class (beginner) - Intro to Jewelry 11:00-1